Hi, I'm Ashley


It all started when...

I realized that it was time to get out of my comfort zone and I decided to stop being scared and just go for it. I love that our homes get to be an expression of us and with that comes a love of all things home decor so why not talk about all the random, creative thoughts that go on in this head of mine through blogging? I'm a Pharmacist by profession but I love to find great deals to decorate spaces. It makes me happy and life is short, so why not try to do every little/big thing that makes me happy while I'm blessed with the opportunity to do so?

With all of that out of the way, I love God, my family, and friends beyond words. I'm blessed to be doing life with my husband in Nashville, TN but there's more to me than that. I'm a girly girl with a Pharm D. who loves home decor without a jaw dropping price tag. So, I combined two things that I love and exercised my faith over my fear to do something I've desired to for some time. Hence PharmDecor was created. I hope this blog inspires creative, relatable home design ideas for you as I connect budget friendly concepts to a variety of topics. Follow me on social media and subscribe to the blog to stay connected. IG: @pharmdecor Facebook and Pinterest: PharmDecor. 

Come along this journey with me, y'all.