5 Ways Your Workspace Can Set You Up for Success and Look Amazing While Doing It!

If you think about it, we spend more time at our jobs during the week than we sometimes get to spend in our actual homes. We work hard, we put our best foot forward and we give our all. For those reasons and more we should make our offices places we love since we spend so much time there and work so hard. Having a decorated office can be a mood changer, provide a more creative environment to work and show a bit of personality and style that is perfect just for you. 


I partnered with Career Talk with Cassandra to create an office fit for a Girl Boss while on a budget. She recently moved into a new office space and we decided it was time to create a space that's a reflection of her personality. The goal was to create an office that was girly, empowering and chic. So, that's what I set out to do. 

Together we have 5 ways your workspace can set you up for success and look amazing while doing it. Career Talk with Cassandra has 5 amazing tips and I was able to decorate to reflect that:

1. CTWC: Get Organized! (or GET YOURSELF TOGETHER) 

PD: Organization is Key! When you have a method of organization it's easy to find things you need during the everyday hustle and bustle. Also to simply put it, organizing physically makes things look better and impressive. In return, you feel good in your workspace and others can tell that you are about your business, that you are a girl with a plan. I included a desk organizer for office supplies such as paperclips, pens, staples etc. I also added a glass bookcase to provide organization for books and planners. It's girly and functional all at the same time. 

2. CTWC: Develop Great Work Relationships. One way to do this is to add what I like to call a “conversation starter.” A conversation starter can be a candy dish that lures people over to start a conversation with you because they want a piece of candy, or it can be a cool picture of you and your family or unique desk décor. I was out shopping one day and actually came across a conversation jar that’s filled with random questions that people can pull and share with you their answers so you get to know one another better. Having a conversation starter really helps to build great work relationships and allow you to learn new things.

PD: Ideas to consider when decorating in a way to develop relationships and spark conversation is to include pics of your family or people special to you. Someone is always likely to ask about who is in the picture. So in Cassandra's office, I included pictures of her fiance and friends. It gives ppl a slight idea of who you are outside the workplace, creates conversation and makes you smile seeing the ppl you love. 


3.CTWC: Get Inspired! -- Your workspace should inspire you and remind you of what you’re trying to accomplish.

PD: The place you spend 40 plus hours in a week should absolutely inspire you! If you go somewhere every day there's nothing wrong with that place being decorated and styled in a way that motivates you to put your best foot forward.  I accomplished this using wall decor. I found things that I knew would give all the girl boss vibes including framed sayings and signs that read: "Girlboss", "Hustle hard girl", "Don't wish for it, work for it", and "work hard, stay humble. " She's about women empowerment so these work great for her. Find saying that inspire and encourage you. Put them around your office to remind yourself that you can do your job and do it well. 

4.CTWC: Make It YOU! (or BRAND YOU) 

PD: What other place to reflect you or your brand other than your office?! Cassandra is proudly a woman executive that's determined to make boss moves. She's girly and confident so I chose things that reflect that. The decor in her office is either mirrored, glass, pink or sparkly. The point is that it screams "This is Cassandra's office!" and that is the goal. Use your space as a representation of you and/or your brand. 


5. CTWC: Communicate Your Expectations! -- make sure your space is setup in a way where people understand how to approach you, where to place things on your desk (ex. If you don’t have candy wrappers or trash from lunch on your desk, then people will know that it’s not ok for them to leave their trash or items on your desk) 

PD: How your office is set up or styled can communicate your expectation without using words. There's a vibe you can feed off and an atmosphere you set when your office is organized and style to reflect you. One side of Cassandra's office is her actual workspace(desk, office supplies, computer etc. The other side is a little more relaxed with an accent chair and small rug. One side is completely business. The other side is not so serious. It's set up in a way that where she may be sitting at the time communicates the expectation upon entering. Creating your expectations sets you up for success. 

Check out the picture gallery below to see her office and the best part is that everything was done for about $200!

Use these tips to make your office a place you're proud and happy to walk into. Make it reflect your personality and your brand. Go for it. Design an office for a boss, a GIRLBOSS that is!