Picture Perfect

I don't now about you but I love a good picture. Nothing makes a home more personal than the pictures you choose to use throughout which hold memories that are close to your heart, people that life wouldn't be the same without and moments that you never want to forget. It's an added bonus that that they are such an easy, inexpensive way to make a home cozy and inviting. Where are the best places to hang a picture? Well, that depends on your taste and the design of your home. So here are my go to places for pictures that make my house a home. 

pinterest pic perfect.JPG
  • The entryway to make your home inviting: The entryway is one the first areas you, as well as guests see when entering. Having pictures there is an easy, affordable method to fill wall space and create an eye catcher at the same time. Who knows? Maybe that one favorite pic you see when entering your home can make the long day you had at work now seem minuscule. 
  • The Master bedroom to make the space personal to you: There is no better place to use pictures of you and your significant other than in the bedroom. It's your oasis. Your own little piece of calm and quiet (Moms with little ones, I'm sure you may disagree with getting to call your bedroom your own anymore). It's a great space to use pictures that hold special memories of you and your love from weddings to trips to random moments caught on camera. 
  • The living area to make your home cozy: I spend a lot of time in the living room. Because of that, I love having a few pictures there rather on the wall or over the mantle. Doing so also strikes up conversations when entertaining guests and offers a cozy area to have some family time with those you love the most.

Make sure when you shop for frames that you have all the correct sizes in mind as well as how you envision spacing them on your walls. If looking for frames to set out, consider picking one that's not average. Leave options open to details such as different, bold colors, distressed wood or unique shapes. My go to place to shop all things frames is Hobby Lobby. You can access a 40% off coupon for a regular priced item at any time through the website or app making it budget friendly not to mention that wall decor often goes on sale there for 50% off. Another amazing option I'm slightly obsessed with is canvas prints. A canvas print can basically act as a built in frame. They make decorating fun and easy. Groupon almost always has a canvas print offer and allows you to pick any picture in a variety of sizes,

Capture the moments and make your home picture perfect!