Be Our Guest

If you're like me, you want your guests to feel right at home when they walk into their guest bedroom. It's a representation of you and you always want your guests to know you put thought into making a welcoming, warm room for them. That's just what Cassandra (my friend and future sister-in-love) wanted for her guest room. She and her fiance's (my hubby's twin brother) mainly have female guests that visit and they were ready to give their guestroom a makeover just in time for them. So, I set out to create a guest room that would be comfortable, cute and inviting....and of course it was on a budget! With $200 designated for the bedroom and no more than $30 for the attached guest bath, I created an entirely new look using the following:

  1. Comforter set with additional accent pillows: I chose a solid, navy comforter set to easily switch the room up a bit should they have male guests if needed. The accent pillows provide a way to add personality to the comforter. While they may be girly, the pillows could easily be turned over to the solid side for a more manly appeal. The comforter set was a great Target find on sale for about $55. 
  2. Side Table with storage: I loved using a multifunctional piece. Rather than a traditional side table, I found a cube organizer shelf on sale at Target for about $29. I added a coral storage cube to tie in the accent color in the pillows providing extra storage. This piece is able to function as a side table and storage all in one!
  3. The detail things: Mirror, flowers, candles, and pictures came from At Home, and Michael's. A couple of different frames mixed in with mirrors can add character to the wall in no time. It's an easy addition and you can always switch up the layout at any point you're ready for a change. Let's be honest ladies. We need a full length mirror to make sure we're looking and feeling confident for the day. I found both the mirror and crate at Target. The vase was an At Home clearance aisle find and the flowers were a Michael's purchase.
  4. A fresh, crisp looking bathroom: You can't go wrong with a fresh, white bathroom. So, I found a shower curtain and matching towel set at TJ Maxx for just under $30. It  provides the bathroom with a clean, crisp look and it's gender neutral! 

Having guests visit can be exciting and a can leave you with memories made that you'll never forget. Why not leave an impression on your guests by creating a guestroom you're proud of and one they look forward to coming back to? You don't have to spend an extravagant amount of money to do so. Create a homestyle find with a budget in mind and a room that says "Be Our Guest!"

Check out the picture gallery below!