The Bride Vibe


It's Wedding season! I don't know about you but 2018 is full of exciting wedding activities for me. More specifically, my best friend is getting married, Y'all! I'm so excited for her so I thought what better time than now to share five bridal tips from one bride to another?! Going through wedding planning can be exciting, sometimes stressful, and tedious so Sheena is sharing valuable tips she has learned while planning. 

She keeps it simple and straight to the point. So, here they are straight from the bride herself:

  • Purchase as many used items as possible: Facebook Market, Buy Sell Trade, Offer Up, Recycle Your Wedding Tennessee, etc. After all, it’s only for one day.

  • Have a wedding that you can afford. The goal is to say, “I do” to your soulmate and not to debt.

  • Sometimes you have a stronger bond with certain friends more so than you do with certain family members. Be sure you make room for those friends on your special day.

  • Learn to say no. Say no to visions that are not yours. Say no to extra guests you initially did not invite. Say no to things that will push you over your budget. Just. Say. No.

  • You only get married once. Plan and enjoy this entire process with no regrets to haunt you every time you attend or see someone else’s wedding.

When I asked her to describe in three words how she feels about her upcoming wedding she replied "Blessed. Humble. Stoked." I personally hope every bride getting married gets to feel the same way. This is such a special season in life and I can't wait for my best friend to walk down the aisle in June to the wonderful man God has chosen for her. We hope these tips help you along your journey of Miss to Mrs.  Make your day all about you and your future hubby. It's all about your bride vibe!

Ladies, feel free to leave a comment below and share the tips you've learned and don't forget to subscribe to PharmDecor. 

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