What If or Right Now?

What if? These two words can instantly fill you with fear, worry, and doubt. They take us to this imaginary place where everything has gone wrong before it's ever actually happened.

I have to be honest. I do this way too often. Why? Because sometimes it's the easier option than stepping out on faith and just going for it. It's easier to not do something rather than put yourself in a vulnerable, unsure place in trying something new, in reaching a goal, in becoming the person you truly want to be.

It's easier to not try because failure and rejection creep in reminding us how they make us feel.  More so, they still the joy of RIGHT NOW. I have to remind myself frequently to just be happy and grateful for my right now. How we handle our now can set us up for greatness for what's to come. I'm constantly learning to be joyful and at peace in my current situation, nevermind all the what if's. Focusing on the present puts you in the mindset of being positive, hopeful, creative and at ease preparing you for your not yet.

Will you have bad days? Of course. I just had one last week. I'll think to myself or even say "I've had such a bad day and this week is just not going to be my week."(Keep in mind that was on a Monday and the week had just started.) BUT there is power in the words we speak and the thoughts we think. Speak affirmations. Get rid of the what ifs. Live your right now to the absolute fullest waiting in anticipation of all the great, amazing things God has in store specifically for you! 

In the words of Bruno Mars,"Throw some perm on your attitude, girl you gotta relax." 

Take on those goals, be who you were created to be, open that business, start that blog, buy that home, and go after that job. Forget the what ifs. Right now is all you have.