Get to Know Me, The Pharm D.

Hey there!

It's Ashley. I wanted to take some time for all of you to get to know me, why I started this whole blogging thing, why I chose home decor to blog about and why I hope you'll come along this journey with me. My goal is to talk to you guys through blogging just as I would in person. So, here it goes! 

This is us!

M eet Darius, the man who has my heart and who I share my home with!

Meet Darius, the man who has my heart and who I share my home with!

Who am I: I'm a Pharmacist and I love my job and I'm proud that I accomplished my goal of obtaining a Doctorate. However, I am most proud of the family and friends that I have, the man I was so blessed to marry, and that I'm saved by Grace and loved by my Heavenly Father. The people in my life have helped me become the woman that I am today: proud of who I am, a work in progress to always better myself, a person full of flaws and imperfections yet fearfully and wonderfully made.

Why Blogging: A few years ago, I thought of blogging. Just as soon as I thought of it, I tucked it away in the back of my mind. The thoughts of "Who would read my blog?" "Who cares about what I have to say?" and "I can't do this." resonated so loudly that I decided it wasn't for me. Then came year 31 of life. To sum it up, it was hard. I learned so many lessons and so much about myself. I drew closer to God and I finally decided that I. Was. Ready. I finally chose to start going for all the things that I'd tucked away in my mind. I reached my goals in regards to education and my career so why couldn't I do more? As women we are fierce. We are go-getters. We are multitaskers.  We are leaders. We are passionate. We chase dreams. That's the kind of woman I want to be so I sat down, got to work and decided to make blogging my reality. 


Why home decor/PharmDecor: Call me weird, but I have always loved all things home decor. I love walking through home decor stores, reading the magazines, checking out bargains and watching HGTV (a bit too much)! When we moved into our new home, decorating it literally made me happy. It was almost like an outlet for me. More so, finding so many things at great deals and sales became my ultimate goal. When I first thought of blogging, I always knew it would be about this topic specifically. Why not decorate and make your home a place you love visually and do it without spending so much money? I usually have so many creative ideas running through my head that I knew it was time to put pen to paper. Or rather fingers to keyboard. Because I spend most of my time working as a Pharmacist I decided to combine two things I love and PharmDecor: Homestyle Finds with a Budget in Mind was created. Who knew years later after getting my degree, Pharm D., that I'd turn that Pharm D into PharmDecor while turning my fear into faith? It seems like it was meant to be!

I hope you all will come along this journey with me because I sure am excited to be on this journey with you. My hope is to share easy, creative ways of decorating while doing it on a budget. I want to help you all create a home you love while I chase this blogging dream of mine along the way! 

Check out a few of my favorite places in my home and a few pictures from my blog launch/birthday brunch and subscribe below!